KINGS HERBAL 3 Bottles + 1 Free Bottle

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• KINGS HERBAL helps strengthen one's immune system, therby restore the normal function of our vital organs.
• KINGS HERBAL aides in the correction of any electrolyte imbalances and helps the body return to it's optimum healthy state.

Recommended use / Dosage
Take 30 ml 20 minutes before meals or as directed by your health professional. Recommended dosage take before meals once a day.

Main ingredints: Carrots, Eucalyptus, Makabuhay, Squash, Taro, Bitter Gourd, Malunggay, Miracle Berry, Sugar Beet, Tomato, Amaranth, Avocado, Black Bean , Oregano, Pennywort, Queens, Red Bean , Shiny Bush , Black Plum, Broccoli, Chinese Orange, 
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