[Alive Lab] Refresh Sebum

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Brand : Alive Lab
Code : ALLBM10-RS
Weight : 150g (0.33 lbs)

Flawless skin is basic even if you apply only BB cream!

ALIVE: LAB is established to make your dream of a clear, healthy and transparent skin come true,taking into consideration your skin worries. ALIVE:LAB Cosmetics, made from natural components which are excellent in skin improvement and an in-depth knowledge of skin.
ALIVE: LAB, trying to protect sensitive and tender skin as a smooth and pure skin, is the name ofpromise for everyone

Skin absorption powder makes skin texture soft and clear cultivated lavender extract keeps your skin healthy!
1. Moisture Control - When you want to control the oil amount on skin and hair.
2. Revision makeup & Skin tone correction- If used before adding colored make-up, the color is brighter and longer-lasting.

 Suggested Use

Dab the desired amount on the puff and apply evenly.
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