Secret key All New Premium So Fast Treatment 240ml

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Production Information

1. The line has a restorative and healing effect. Actively nourishes, 
the scalp and hair folicles, restore elasticity , shine and vitality.

2. Strengthens the protective barrier for the hair and scalp.

3. Facilitates easy combing hair, gives them smoothness and luster.

4. It has an active regenerating effect for damaged hair, prone to frequent coloring,
perms and styling , clean dry and brittle.

5. It restores the balance of nutriets damaged hair dyed.

How to Use.

Apply a small amount on wet hair after shampoo, massage, leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse with warm water.


Cornus officinails extract, Dioscorea Japonica root extract, Peony root extract,
Poria Cocos extract, Alisma Plantago Aquatica, Rehmannia Chinensis Root Extract,
black sesame extract, rice extract, black bean extracts, allantoin, Centella asiatica extract.

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