HOLIKA - HOLIKA - Magic Pole Mascara 2X (Waterproof) [04 Long & Curl] 80g

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About the product
  • Waterproof Mascara with magical power. A specially designed Memory Curl Polymer makes curling eyelashes all day long.
  • Mild Mascara for Anyone with sensitive eyes or with concerns painful eyes. A non-smudge, just gentle cleansing also involving exfoliation. Use warm water only.
  • Contents : Magical Volume Powder : It can help extreme volumizing abundant to the roots of the eyelashes from outside to inside.
  • Options : #03 Volume & Curl (Waterproof), #04 Long & Curl (Waterproof)
  • How to use : Lift eyelashes up with Magic stick the eyelashes individual. Spread eyelashes with magic ball.
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