Honey Bee's AC Control Mist

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Production Information

Natural bee venom, tee tree oil and salicyluc acid of the product
relive the skin trouble and also make healthy skin by filling the
collagen of the skin.
Without much basic care, mist can control sebum and oily skin as
well as reduce pores and enhance resilience.
Apply this product when your skin is getting red.
THe product soothes the skin due to cooling effect and also the
active ingredients have moisturizing effects!
The product is effective in preventing skin trouble as well as aging
since it contains skin affinity ingredients.

* Trouble relief, skin collagen filling
* Sebum control, pore reduction
* Skin moisturizing, skin soothing and anti-aging

How to Use

You can use this product when you have skin trouble, or you need to
soothe the skin. Apply it or use it as skin toner.
Close your eyes and spray the product 20cm away from your face
several times. Then, gently pat your face until fully absorbed.


Bee Venom (Bee Venom) Salicylic Acid, Royal Jelly extrat, allantoin,
rosemay extract, Asiatic Pennywort extract
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