Lafine-Vegetable 3 Step Essential Mask

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This 3-step solution drenches the skin with vegetable extracts while providing a rich nutrition effect, enhancing skin energy and making your skin healthy. It immediately reveals softer, firmer and healthier-looking skin. High-density cellulose silky mask sheet contains betaine and stem cells for the smooth and shiny face.

Lafine Vegetable Mask consists of 3 steps for full skincare: facial cleanser, renewing ampoule and the sheet mak.

Tomato - Antiseptic, moisturising and brightening effect,

Cucumber - Reducting of swelling and irritation,

Parsley - Fighting acne, pigmentation and wrinkles,

Using step 1 sachet, clean your face and apply step 2, the renewing ampoule. Let is absorb and apply the sheet mask. After 15-20 min, remove the mask and pat the remaining essence for full absorption.

21 ml 

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