LANEIGE - Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil 250ml

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Mild cleansing that is gentle to skin

Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil

Refreshingly light oil without the heaviness of conventional oil-based products consists of apricot oil that removes old skin cells for brightening effects


► Grapefruit and apricot kernel oil with vitamin C

► Easy to wash

► Wash off agents are water-friendly so that it is easily removed through rinsing.

► Gypsophila paniculata root extracts

► Ophthalmologically tested


step 1

STEP 1. Massage

Pump product three times onto dry hands and massage onto dry face for thirty seconds. Take extra care of the area around the nose and chin by massaging in small circular motions.

step 2

STEP 2. Emulsion

Wet your hands with lukewarm water and massage for thirty seconds more.

step 3

STEP 3. Rinse

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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