[Skinfood] Parsley and Mandarin Toner 160ml

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Skinfood Parsley & Mandarin Toner is a refreshing toner with surprisingly powerful ingredients to provide deep hydration and sebum control that lasts all day long! Containing vitamin rich parsley extract and sebum controlling mandarin extract, intensely moisturizing sodium hyaluronate, cholesterol, aloe vera, and ceramides round out this power-house of a toner. Not to mention its mixture of ginseng root, chamomile, lily bulb, dandelion, and soybean provides anti-aging and calming benefits. This toner really does it all!
• Deeply moisturizing
• Oil-balancing
• Anti-aging
• Soothing

How to use
After washing, apply sufficient amount onto face, gently wiping outward. 
Wipe more carefully and thoroughly on T-zone area with excess sebum.
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