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Newly Upgraded Peri’s Tint Water! It is more perfect than ever.
– Do you are feeling dry with tint? It is not true with Peri’s Tint Water! More hydrated based!
– The soft tip has turned smoother and reaches lips tenderly. – Add lovely touch with pink color! No. 5 Strawberry Juice is newly launched.
– For It Girls who want a cool design. More stylish tint container with a graffiti design.

Original No. 1 tint.
Create more than a few It Girl looks with Peri’s Tint Water.
Newly Upgraded Peri’s Tint Water.

1. Fresh color / like a fruit juice : Fresh and more than a few colors of fruits such as cherry, mandarine, strawberry, and orange. Are you able to express charm with full of life lips colored with a fruit juice?
2. The original tint / for a girly look : A real tint is about being natural! A girl-like lips which suit perfectly with a bare face. Enliven your lips with a hint of natural color.
3. Long lasting effect / without stickiness : Since this can be a water type, it easily soaks in and last a very long time without any sticky feeling! You should not have to worry about going on a date with Peri’s Tint Water.

[About Color].
No. 1 Cherry Juice : Lucid red color exudes femininity as if your lips are colored with fresh cherries! 
No. 2 Pink Juice : Girlish raspberry pink color that accentuates your loveliness. The vividness of color brightens and illuminates your complexion.
No. 3 Orange Juice : Orange color as if dyed with garden balsam. Win a man’s heart with tender lips!
No. 4 Mandarin Juice : Vivid mandarin color for a full of life mood Saturate your lips with this exuberant color for a super fresh look.
No. 5 Strawberry Juice : All girl’s favorite pink! Be a lovely girl with this sweet juice color!

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Volume : 0.3 Ounce / Period after opening : 12 months
Details : Fresh color / The original tint / Long lasting effect / Hydrated base / Graffiti design / Country of Origin : South Korea
The product results may vary depending on your skin tone and type. / The color displayed may vary depending on your screen.
How to use : Use the soft tip applicator wand to gently apply the water type tint on your lips and ensures precise coverage.