Secret key Chubby Jelly Tint Pack_ Candy Orange 15g

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  • Vitamin e, Hydrogenated oil oil contained.
  • Powerful replenishing effect.
  • Creating protection layer over the lips and last long.

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1. Various color choices for various mood ; #Scarlet Red, #Plum Purple, #Cherry Red, #Candy Orange, #Lovely Pink.
2. After lip tatoo is completely dry, take the film off.
3. Longwear color for all day long.
4. Hydrolized collagen, Vitamin, Vegetable originated effective content give moisture and nourishment to the lips.
5. After 5 minutes of waiting, lip tatoo is completed.

Color Option
#Scarlet Red
#Plum Purple
#Cherry Red
#Candy Orange
#Lovely Pink


How to use
1. From the center of the lips, work following lip line to the outer edges of your lip.
2. Leave it till 5~10 minutes till it is dry.
3. Take it off nice and gently from the edges of your lips.