Secret key Sweet Glam Tint Glow_Vanilla Peach 3.5g

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  • Moisturizing tint
  • Vivid Color
  • No stickness, long wearing
  • Beautiful glow
1. 7 types of vivid color.
2. Lanolin oil contained : Providing moisture to the skin as preventing moisture depletion.
3. It goes effortlessly on the lips and last vivid for long time.
4. As creating lip moisture barrier, it makes lip look radiant & glowing all the time.

Color Option
#Baby Pink
#Juicy Orange
#Pussia Purple
#Chic Burgandy
#Lolipop Pink
#Funky Pink
#Vanilla Peach


How to use
1. One touch natural looking lip makeup.
2. 2~3 times of touch give glossy lip makeup.
3. The more it is dabbed, the more funkier it gets.

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