Korean Snail BB Cream

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1. Product: Hannah snail BB cream (not exclusive to asianskymall team)
2. Capacity: 50ml 

1. Product: Hannah snail BB cream        
2. Capacity:   50ml          
3. Main   ingredient: Albumin, Adenosine, Snail secretion filtrate, MultiEx BSASM    

4. Product   explaination: It is contain the snail secretion filtrate , control the skin's   balance                   and make the skin care as moisturizing & nutrition & elasticity of skin as snail excellent regeneration              and it is BB cream that make the   transparent skin and shining by natural skin care the skin tone by break the   color               capsule by body temperature as   soft texture at the same time.   

 5.   Functionality: UV block off (SPF50 PA+++) + Whitening + Wrinkle improvement
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