LANEIGE - BB Cushion

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1. Upgraded brightening effect: Laneige White Plus Renew Line contains Melacrusher™ with skin brightening effects thanks to its melanin-decomposing properties. The Auto Sebum Brightening technology helps you achieve milky-white skin that’s free from breakouts.

2. UV protection: The strong SPF50+ PA+++ protects skin from UVA.

3. Cooling effect (reduces surface temperature by 4 degrees Celsius): Contains over 30% moisturizing agents with cooling effects (reduces surface temperature by 4 degrees Celsius) and Optimal Mineral Water that soothes irritated skin due to heat with instant relief.

4. Sweat-Resistant (up to 12 hours): The sweat-resistant (up to 12 hours) formula is strong against sebum and perspiration, allowing it to stay on up to 12 hours with one light stroke. The highly elastic cushion powder in the formula keeps makeup from breaking down due to perspiration and sebum.

5. Smooth, soft finish and coverage: The high-coverage formula gives skin an even, natural, and smooth finish. The Cushion Powder reflects light in the same way healthy skin does while absorbing excess oils for a shine-free finish.

No13 True BeigeNo.13 True BeigeThe beige color with yellow tone for bright and clear skin tone.
No21  Natural BeigeNo.21 Natural BeigeThe calm natural beige for chic and natural skin tone.
No21P Pink BeigeNo.21P Pink BeigeMedium beige color with pink undertone for vibrant, bright complexion
No23 Sand Beige No.23 Sand BeigeThe sand beige for healthy and natural skin tone for tanned skin.
No31 Brown BeigeNo.31 Brown BeigeThe brown beige for naturally healthy skin tone for darker skin.
No33 Coffee No.33 CoffeeDeep brown beige for almond undertone.
No35 Cacao BeigeNo.35 Cacao BeigeDark Beige for chocolate undertone.
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