Secret key MAYU Healing Shampoo New 240ml

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MAYU Healing Shampoo_New

Deep Cleansing/Scalp troubles improvements/Itching relief

Product Information

1. Removed scalp wastes and sebum completely by intensive deep cleansing effect.

2. Palmitoleic acid ingredients heals the scalp trouble.

3. It prevents the water evaporation of the hair and balances water with oil of the scalp.

4. SANGMODAN, 11 different kinds of oriental medicine are absorbed into the hair
cuticle and providing enough nourishment.

5. COntained Horse Oil
- Horse Oil's componet is similar to human sebum's so it is well absorbed in the skin
without rejection.

How to Use

Those who have scalp trouble and oily hair are recommended to shampoo twice.
MAYU's Nutritional ingredients will be absorbed deeper.
When you shampoo first, use the fingerprint side as massage the scalp.
Do not Massage with nails!.


Refined Horse oil, Sophora rott, Angelica, wilfordi rott, Angelica dahurica root, Lycium
Chinense, bokbunja
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