Secret Key Premium So Fast Hair Booster Treatment

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360ml each/ It helps to let your hair growth fast.

Product Information

1. Clear scalp care with excellent detergency.
It removes the dead skin cell and residue on the scalp by external
activity as well as various dust and dirt out of scalp in order to
keep the hair clean.

2.Soothing and protecting scalp.
It contains algelica, cnidium, Trichosanthes kirilowi etc. They
soothe and protect your sensitive scalp from the arid 

3. Supplying intensive nourishment.
It contains traditional Korean Medicine. They supply the hair with
rich nourishment so keep your hair healthy.

4. Balacing the PH.
It repairs the hair which is damage by having a perm, blow-drying
and dyeing and keeps it with optimized condition by controlling
the PH.

How to Use

1. Wet hair thoroughly. Apply shampoo to scalp and massage gently into hait to lather well.
Rinse completely with warm water.

2. After shampoo, dispense a moderate amount and apply it to hair. And then, Massage with fingertip. 
After that, wash the hair with lukewarm water.


Traditional Korean Medicine Extract(Patent), Ceramide,
Polyquaternium, Salicylic Acid, Dimethicone.

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