Secret Key Gung Solution Doctor’s Aquafill Mask Pack

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Product Information

1. 1st launching cosmeceutical mask pack of brand, Gung Solution.
BI - [My skin mentor, famous dermatology, Gung's cosmetic story]

2. Silky and thin mask fits on your face, which material passed non-
heavy metal test of Fliti test center.

3. Revitalizing and moisturizing aquafilll mask pack.

4. Revitalizing and moisturizing dry and rough skin.

How to Use

1. Apply on the washed and tonered face. Unseal the pouch and 
put thne mask on the face.

2. Remove the mask after 15~30 minutes and gently tap the residues 
essence to be absorbed.


Hyaluronic acid, Ceride-rich particles.

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