Secret key Micro-Peel Eraser 1.5ml

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DIY Home Peeling, 8 ways of special care
1.5 ml

Production Information

1. One time use, one step peeling treatment.
2. Simple and easy peeling that need to washing off.
3. 1.5 content is more that enough to be appliedon whole face.
4. You can check bodily wates removed out of pores. (For sanitary skin care, 
please disregard after use.))
5. 8 in 1 -8 ways if special care.
6. DIY home peeling - Experience professional touch at home.
7. Big size swab -10 times bigger size of normal swab.
8. 1 time use per 1 swab. Portable, simple and easy use.

How to Use.

After facial wash, put out micro peeling eraser swab and apply on overall face.
Without eyes and mouth near area. Apply serum and crean on top of it.

Tip : Skin type

Dry Skin
Feeling tighness and dry a after facial wash.      1 time in every 2days
(3~4 times a week)

Combination skin
Feeling tightness and dry on topical areas 1 time in every 3 days
(2~3 times in a week)
Oily & Combination skin
Feeling greasy on T zones 1 time in every 3 days
(2~3 times in a week)
Oily Skin
Feeling oily on overall face 1 time in every 2 days
(3~4 times in a week)

Main Ingredient

AHA 9%, BHA, Hydrolyzed collagen, Hyaluronic acids, Beta-Glucan, Aloe vera leaves extract, Rooibos extracts,
Portulaca extracts, Guava extracts, Hoolyhock extracts,

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