About Asianskymall

As the company begins its expedition, God wants it to have HONEST, LOYAL, HUMBLE and PERSEVERING people.  And this is the reason why it underwent series of eliminating people. Asianskymall considers a rather long term-business rather than short-term and the company believes that it is possible only if HONEST and LOYAL PEOPLE will lead the journey.

Company’s high-end, economical yet good quality products fall under Health and Beauty Wellness that give so many promises to women of today.  Having considered this, a woman was therefore chosen to be the new president of the company.

Aiming to provide genuine, lasting, quality and honest business opportunities to all entrepreneurs that will primarily serve the interests of the members, offering only top of the line products to consumers both local and abroad, the company is definitely a gateway of opportunities to all small and medium entrepreneurs globally.

Having assured that the company will be the best provider of unique products in the market, tycoons from different multinational companies were enticed to invest as they also believe in its multi-marketing system.


A Message from the Chairwoman

In behalf of the company, I am very privileged to be chosen by God as His instrument for the propagation of the latest marketing plan and innovative products that define endless life opportunities.

As you get yourself involved, you will notice how unique our products are, how grounded and real our marketing is and how we effectually manage human resource. These facts drew the edge of the company.

Everything we have is a fruit of our combined perspiration and determination. We did not stop until we met big manufacturers abroad where our products are formulated out of careful study. We never reached a point of giving up our principles and dreams, and lastly, we never questioned God’s plan for us which we must say, ALL WORTH IT.

You may be wondering how a person like me arrived from owning this company. Whenever people ask about my milestone, I always caught myself answering it in full honesty: I have this company now because of people who lifted me up during my downs and share laughs with me during my ups. I succeed because of those who endlessly support and invaluably strengthen me as a person. Above all, it is the hands of God that I wanna thank the most for it caressed me all throughout this journey. I am now returning the favor to them as I promise to dedicate myself enriching this company until my last breath.

Our company envisions prosperity from the combined efforts of company’s expertise, small entrepreneurs and of course, exceptional products as marketing tool. We believe that by the light and spirit vested upon us by God and by our united goal, we will be able to come up with a world free of agonies –something that God wants us all to have.

This would be the first multi-marketing company that does not think of teaching traditional marketing. Instead, we created an amalgam of strategies that can be used without deceiving people, without risking your relationship with others and of course, without eating too much of your time. We highly value the sanctity of time for one’s self, family, and God so we will never encourage you to give up things just to concentrate on us. We won’t teach you to brainwash your co-brothers and sisters with elegant cars and other material stuffs. We are here to train you with real sales and marketing and we will make sure you will never be lost in searching for endless possibilities.

We highly consider family as the truest reason of everyone’s expedition to success. Here in this company, you will experience what a real family is so you get to be inspired waking up and working every day.

Our assurance is yours that we will not stop until we all achieve our dreams with God.

Just let us enter into your lives, be united with us and help us make a sky free of downpours and rains!

Thank you and God Bless us all!