KB Dermafirm Set of 3pcs.

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Away with the old and in with the new! With the exfoliating and renewing power of KB Dermafirm Vitamin C Skin Whitening Peeling Gel your skin will look whiter, younger and clearer. 

KB Dermafirm Peeling Gel is a gentle medicated gel with proven keratin fighting ingredient. This multi-purpose whitening skin care product may be used for your face, neck and underarm. It renews your skin by working 2 ways. First, its skin peeling agents rids of dirt, old/dead skin along with oil. Afterwards, its soothing agents protect the newly exfoliated skin. KB Dermafirm contains a vitamin C derivative, morus alba extrat, persimmon leaf extract complex to provide skin softness. Betaine and natural cellulose complex, on the other hand, helps in skin elasticity. 
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Kratin and Keratinosis
Keratin is a fibrous protein that composes the outer layer of human skin. Problems arise when the body produces an overabundance of keratin, which results in Keratosis. This skin condition causes rough patches of acne-like bumps, which block the opening of hair follicles. KB Dermafirm Peeling Gel with vitamin C is an effective cure for this. 

For external use only. 

When using this product avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical help immediately. 

Keep out of children’s reach. 
Always do a quick skin test when using new products
In some extreme cases products may cause allergic reactions to acutely sensitive skin types. To be absolutely sure, you may want to test for product sensitivity. Apply a small amount of this product on your wrist and leave 5-10 minutes. Do not use product if irritation or redness develop.