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The ORIGINAL ALPHA ARBUTIN - KB (KYUSOKU BIHAKU WHITENING SOAP PACKAGE 60grams since 2007. It's been in the market for 10years and proven giving premium quality whitening and anti-aging soap contains premium the following ACTIVE ingredients 

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Alpha Arbutin
The most POWERFUL and Expensive whitening agent in the world. 

Kojic Acid 
Another skin whitening agent 

Hyaluronic acid
The most expensive Anti-aging treatment 

Collagen Peptide 
From Japan - our collagen is not coming from the scale of the fish or what they called marine collagen. But it is a collagen peptide derived from salmon ovary peptide. Actually, this is food grade and not just cosmetic grade raw materials - this is the same as the KB Collagen. 

Vitamin A,C,E 
From the word vitamins - food for your skin 

Giving your skin the best ever whitening soap in Asia.
We all know that KB is a high end brand skin whitening and the price in the market of this KB whitening soap is PHP295 however we are going to throw 1000 pcs of KB Silver Soap for as low as PHP68.00. 

High Quality Whitening Soap
Very Affordable 
FDA Approved 
10 Years in the market 
No Bogus or hidden agenda
Authentic BIHAKU 

FDA Approved

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Alpha Arbutin
Hyaluronic Acid
Vitamins A, C and E

Whiten and brighten skin tone
Smooth the skin
Prevent skin aging / Anti Aging, such as: fine wrinkles, sagging, etc.
Blemishes – blemishes and dark spots on the skin  and even out                                                                                skin tone
Safe KB SILVER SOAP is used for all skin types.
Results from KB SILVER SOAP varied, the change can be felt around 3-4 weeks after application.

HOW TO USE: Use a shower puff and take advantage of the foam to remain effective results and minimal usage. Foam is very rich  in functionality