KB Magic Towel

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 Handy and pocket-size
• Lightweight and easy to use
• Absorbs wet quickly
• Instant body scrubber
• Frees the skin from dead skin cells
• Effectively cleans body with fast-acting result
• Recommended for all skin-types
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How to use:
1. Wet body with warm water. The hotter the water is, the more open the skin pores, the more effective.
2. Wait for about 10- 20 seconds until excess water reduces.
3. Grab the towel. You can soak it also into hot water or just leave it moist.
4. Start the process. Gently scrub all over the body in a circular motion.
5. You can notice that dirt from dead skin cells will start to fall off.
6. Rinse body with cold water to tighten skin pores.
7. For best and whitening results, use KB Gold Premium Soap after.

From the makers of KB Korean Whitening Set comes another wonder intensely made to answer skin worries.
KB Korean Magic Towel, a Korean-made product is widely used for skin exfoliation while bathing. It serves as body scrubber that eliminates dead skin cells and acts as massager to further boost the toxin removal effect, leaving the skin free of everyday blemishes.
This product works well with KB Gold Premium Soap. Soap’s active whitening agents go deep within skin after freeing the skin from unwanted skin cells.