MULAN 4 in 1 Whitening X30 500mg, 60 Capsules

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MULAN Collagen original from Japan - derived from Salmon Ovary Peptide - one of the most expensive collagen powder in the market while Pearl Powder (trademark - origin SHF) is proven since 320AD were sought by emperors and empresses alike like aming Dynasty. It was used to stimulate new skin growth and healing, release toxins and remove sun damage and age spots. In India country it is use as Ayurvedic medicine to increase general strength and health and was frequently an ingredient of love potions.

Benefits of Mulan Pearl Powder, Collagen , Glutathione and NAC: Whitens the skin, makes skin clean, really glow Gives nutrients to the skin so that the skin can produce new & better quality cells. Makes hair longer & thicker

Fast Fact:
  • Skin Whitening
  • Anti Aging
  • Pore Minimizers
  • Good for Joints Pain
  • For Rosy white
  • SkinFood for the Hair and Nails.
  • Clear Acne Spots

the component of the glutathione inside the mulan is only 100mg its only 20% of the total of the product. Second - our desiccant is quality to absorb smell. Last, the products is new batch -  suggest do not open it and closed tightly for one week then smell it. They should smell it like a sulfuric smell (like a rotten egg)

Product Expiration: 2024

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