Glutacera Ceramides + S-Acetyl-Glutathione 120mg 60 Tablets

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Glutacera ( a two expensive powerful ingredients) for healthy glowing skin.  Originally Made In Japan - 120mg x 60 tablets -   Alternative for whitening injectables. 

Oral Moisturizer 
Minimizes fine lines
Whitens the skin 
Reduce itch and redness 
Good for eczema and psoriasis 
Reduces dryness and flaky skin 
Promotes soft and smooth skin 
Promotes pinkish complexion 
Fights aging visibly 

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are a class of fatty acids called lipids. They’re naturally found in skin cells and make up about 50 percent of the outer layer of skin (epidermis).

While ceramides are noted for their role in brain and nervous system development, they’ve gained a lot of interest in the skin care world for their potential skin health benefits. Other cosmetic uses includes such as cream, lotions etc. 

What do they do for your skin?

Ceramides are made up of long-chain fatty acids that link with other important molecules to promote cellular function.

Ceramides help create a barrier to prevent permeability. This locks moisture into your skin, which helps prevent dryness and irritation. It may also help protectTrusted Source your epidermis from environmental damage.

These benefits may have anti-aging effects. Fine lines and wrinkles are often more noticeable when skin is dry. Locking in moisture may minimize their appearance.

If my skin is already made up of ceramides, why should they also be used in skin care?

Although human skin is naturally made up of ceramides, these fatty acids are lost over time. This can result in dull, dry skin. You may be able to minimize these effects by supplementing your skin with extra ceramide.

If my skin is already made up of ceramides, why should they also be used in skin care?

What skin types and conditions benefit from added ceramides?

It’s unclear whether your skin’s naturally occurring ceramide levels relate to your risk of developing certain underlying skin conditions. However, research does suggest that people who have eczema or psoriasis have fewer ceramides in their skin.

s Acetyl glutathione or SAG was the innovation in glutathione supplementation those in the know were waiting for. Highly bioavailable and, unlike glutathione foods, able to cross the blood-brain barrier, it lets you reap the benefits of glutathione for a fraction of the price of IV treatment.

Acetylated glutathione has been shown in numerous studies to rapidly increase intracellular GSH levels without increasing energy expenditure.

S-Acetyl Glutathione is different. Because an acetyl group is attached to the sulphur atom of cysteine, the molecule is protected from oxidation in the digestive tract, and the objectionable smell and taste of the sulphur atom is absent.

What’s more, the acetyl group detaches while the glutathione molecule activates within the cell to work as needed.

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