Save The Earth Natural Detergent Powder

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100% Herbal soap from: Coconut oil, Alkali and herbal essences. Economical-use 50% less powder for the same laundry. Coconut oil Based. Not to nature. Non-pollutant. Plant essences give clothes a fress scent even without sun drying. Herbal & Natural : Coconut Oil Based Cleans clothes thoroughly No need for fabric softener Laundry smells fresh and clean NO fluoresent materials, phosphates, zeolites and silicates. NO foul smell even on laundry soaked for more than a day Safe : Mild to the hands and to the skin Does not cause rashes to babies and delicate skin Lather can be used as a natural shaving cream 100% Biodegradable – causes no environmental pollution Multi-puposed: May be used as a bath soap – for hair and the skin Can help heal skin diseases Natural Insect repellent – with water, as spray for plants Dried lather can be use to get rid of pest in infested area.


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Direction of Use: Use tap water. For cold weather, use warm water. Separate white fabrics from colored. Check for the color fastness of the fabric. Check clothes for special instructions. Do white first before colored. Rinse well. 


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