SnL Slim n Light Dietary Supplement 1000mg

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What is SnL Dietary Supplement?

SnL is a breakthrough weight-loss product that combines the natural fat burning properties of L-carnitine and appetite suppressing ability of Hoodia Gordonii and the whitening effect of GlutaNAC and the result is a superior slimming product.

Each SnL Capsule contains 500mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii 100mg of L-carnitine 100mg of Green Tea extract and 300mg of GlutaNAC equivalent to 1000mg.



How does SnL Slim n Light work?


SnL has active ingredient Hoodia Gordonii from the Kalahari desert in South African that contains P57 That is 10,000 x stronger than glucose that gives signal to the brain that the body is already satisfied and no longer hungry resulting to less food intake. It also tricks the brain into believing that a person has already eaten even not. This appetite suppressing ability of Hoodia Gordonii and the thermogenics or fat burning function of L-Carnitine result to effective weight loss.


Is SnL safe?


All ingredients are natural. There are no known side effects reported with Hodia Gordonii. L-Carnitine is a proven fat burner being used by most dietary supplements without side effects. Green Tea is also potent antioxidant having  GlutaNAC as the most effective glutathione in the market today with Vitamin C Rosehips. There is no stimulants and ephedra or caffeine.



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The Regular Dosage


Take 1 SnL capsule 30 minutes before breakfast. For obese person take 1 SnL capsule 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 SnL capsule in the evening.