White Glutathione Plus 1000mg x 60 Capsules

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Its Back! There are hundreds of purchase before but our staff accidentally deleted  the button instead make the stocks  to zero.... We called it as white glutathione or white plus glutathione before so our product sold goes to zero again however this is the product that cost  - sP2500 per bottle or box. - 60 Capsules x 1000mg 
This is a new product for 2018.

Product Description: 
 New KB Product :) 

          Supplement Facts: 
Serving Size 1 Capsule 1000mg

L-Glutathione (Free Form) :
→ L-Glutamic Acid 200mg
→ Glycine 200mg

L-Glutathione (Booster) :
→ N-Acetyl -Cysteine (NAC) 200mg
→ Alpha Lipoic Acid 1000mg
→ Sodium Ascorbate Vit C 100mg

Storage: Keep tightly closed in a dry place. Do not expose to heat temperature exceeding 25 degrees.

Other Ingredients: Magnesium Strearate, Lactose
Suggested Use: Take one to Two capsule daily with meal or as prescribed by your physician.

→ No artificial color
→ No Flavors or preservatives.
→ No Wheat.
→ No Gluten, Milk eggs peanuts, Tree nuts, Soy, Crustacean shellfish or fish.


Note: Please be informed that the bottle layout is not yet the final we are still waiting for the final one. 

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Note: This product has two registration - This is from
Korea Company with subsidiary in Japan (shown as the Japan free sale certificate of the white glutathione which is originally marketed in Vietnam and another registration locally to Philippines via toll manufacturer  since the Korean Company is currently building its own plant in the southern area. 

So if you have seen Made in Japan to Japan Formula it is because its ingredients and even the materials used are all coming from the Korean Company with subsidiary in Osaka Japan. 

TheKBshop by Asianskymall Team is the main exclusive distributor of this product so beware of fake. 

So please be aware of the changes of Made in Japan to Japan Formula soon. If you received Made in Japan lable perhaps it is the last batch left po. Thank you.

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