SECRET KEY Black Out Pore 3-Step Nose Pack 5EA

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 Black Out Pore 3-Step Nose Pack 5pcs
- Mild pore control nose pack, Black-out pore 3-step nose pack.
- Witch hazel extract helps skin protection and soothing. / Extract of Charcoal, Black sesame and 
  Rice remove black head, excessive sebum and remaining.
- Tea tree leave extracted water, Lemon extract, Lime extract thoroughly wash off excessive sebum 
  out of pores. / Squeezing the enlarged pores where black head and sebum are removed.
- Bio cellulose pack calms down irritated and heated skin as giving moisture to the skin.

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How to use:

1. After facial wash, take out step 1 sheet and put it on face accordingly. Leave it for about 15~20 minute and take it off gently. 
2. Apply the essence from step 1 around nose and put light green step 2 sheet on nose accordingly. 
3. After it is dried completely, take it off from the edge gently. 
4. Take off step 3 sheet and take off the white film. Put it on the nose and take it off after 5~10 minute.

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