Mejie PH338 Glutathione (30) Tablet

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PRODUCT NAME: PH 338 Glutathione Tablet (Premium by MEJIE Medical Group) 

NOTICE TO USERS: We're bringing back the PH338 in its original sugarcoated form but please be advised that you might experience some cracks in the tablet due to high temperature if place in a hot temperature and humidity. So we advice everyone to store it in a cool temperature. 

In case you have this cracks in the tablet the quality of the product will decrease but definitely safe to use. 

Kindly store your tablets in a temperature not exceeding 20 celsius and avoid direct exposure to sunlight to avoid such cracks. 

FDA Approved ✔

Guaranteed made in Japan--know to produce superior glutathione than other brands. 
Japan FDA approved the melanogenetic process is also subject to inhibition by purely rosehips or vitamin c. In as much as Speedwhite is known to be capable of maintaining vitaimin c in reduced state, a more marked anti-melogenetic effect can be expected from the combined used of Speedwhite and purely rosehips. Furthermore, Speedwhite also enhances the anti-melanogenetic action of vitamin c, converting the oxidized deep color form of melanin to the reduced light-color form.  • Avoiding sunlight while taking whitening pills will make it faster and also by using any sunblock lotion.

Product Facts:
The brand that popularized glutathione and the brand that celebrities actually use 
Proven to be 5 times better than any glutathione brand 
A lot of people swear by its effectiveness 
Preferred and recommended by most dermatologists. Sold at a much higher price (3000-3500 pesos) in popular dermatological clinics in the Philippines 
Contains pure and reduced glutathione making it easily absorbed by the body 

 Continuous use will give excellent results Glutathione Benefits: • Noticeable White Glowing Skin • Improves pigmentation of the skin such as melasma, scars, improper chemical peel and post chicken pox.
It helps the skin look smoother and achieve even color. 
Gives a rosy white glow • Delays aging 
Detoxifies the liver Supplement Facts: 100 mg of pure and reduced glutathione Don't be dismayed but it low mg content. 

 PH 338 Glutathione is made out of very pure and potent reduced glutathione making it easily absorbed by the body.  It's truly a premium brand and top three of the most preferred brands of glutathione by celebrities, dermatologists and glutathione fanatics in the Philippines and Asia, especially those who have experimented on so many brands. 

Direction for use:
• Take 3 tablets per day taken in 3 divided doses. 
• 1 tablet after meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
• Should be taken with vitamin C to boost glutathione Level.
• Reduce to twice a day there after.
• Maintain 1 tablet a day with same dose of Vitamin C until you reach your desired color
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