Mejie Natural Dried Fruit Tea 10 pcs with MEJIE Glass Bottle

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Mejie Detox Water Fruit Tea 
WiTh Glass Bottle (not plastic) 

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Mejie Natural Dried Fruit Water Body Flush + Cleansing Glass bottle and not plastic bottle with 10 Premium Dried Fruit.

Fruit Tea Water Benefits
It can help you to aid your constipation and digestion problems 
Natural appetite suppressant to achieve weight loss safely!  
Made with organic fruits without artificial flavours and preservatives
Daily intake will help to boost your immune system and metabolism
Prevent and manage diabetes naturally
It can help to aid depression and anxiety
Enjoy better digestion
Reduces general and muscle fatigue
Healthy glowing skin
Reduces inflammation
Packed with vitamins and nutrients
Boosts energy and improve your mood

What is in the Pouch?
1x 350ml Mejie Glass Bottle
10x Dried Fruits (2x Apple + Cantaloupe + Hawthorn + Rock Candy, 2x Orange + Snow Pear + Kumquat + Dried Jasmine + Rock Candy, 2x Pineapple + Snow Pear + Hawthorn + Rock Candy, 2x Apple + Rose + Kumquat + Rock Candy, 2x Red Dragon Fruit + Orange + Kumquat + Rock Candy ) 

You can infused the fruits 2 times
Enjoy it with cold or hot water 
You can add Chia Seeds or lime if you want. 

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