Our Vision

Asianskymall (under Yumei Mise Group of Companies) recognizes that potential members of the network may lack total confidence in the stability of the business. This fuels the company’s drive to remain steadfast in being an honest and trustworthy business partner.

That is why  Asianskymall Global Marketing Corporation envisions a vast network of satisfied members diligently working and sharing the opportunity for a straightforward and trustworthy income generating venture through partnership with the company, not only in the Philippines but the rest of the world as well.

To be the gateway of opportunities to all small and medium entrepreneurs globally and to be the best provider of unique products in the market.

Underwent a lot of changes and yet remained standing because God never failed to show the right pavement, people of Asianskymall  now ventures to the higher level of service full of passion and commitment both to God and its neighbors.

Tested by time, proven by trials and tied by God’s compassionate hands, the company never considered giving up as an option, instead, all encountered hurls have challenged them to strive more and by the light of their knowledge and experience gotten from multinational companies,  have thought of better ways to accomplish their selfless mission and vision.

Sharing common goals and ethics over a long period of time has made them known and trusted each other therefore built strong relationship majorly required for an enduring business team.

The men behind fully understands the bad cliché surrounding networking that made them very eager of building and starting a network equipped with authentic sales and marketing strategies.

More so, they strongly believe that a business man couldn’t reap billions if he only has wealth in mind.  Asianskymall Global Marketing Corporation comes to assist each other by teaching that the business will never be confined to money – making only; it should have first a purpose centered on solving individual’s agonies, next to serving God. It is the trust they bestow to their co-team members and faith in God that actually count and move the entire plan.

Building a relationship with co-employee is like building a relationship with your family – it doesn’t and shouldn’t stop.  This differs Asianskymall Global Marketing Corporation from the past and from other systems that uses Word of God to deceive people. In their case, after teaching strategies necessary to run the business,   they will give you the topmost marketing plan– HAVE FAITH AND TRUST TO GOD AND TO YOURSELF –ever existed and will continue supporting you all throughout.